Mashups For The People (2012)

After a lengthy hiatus, the people’s mashup producer has returned!

Wax Audio is proud to present Mashups For The People, a gift to the people who have waited over 2 long years since the last Wax Audio album release.

Those familiar with the Mashopolos series will know that Wax Audio has traditionally eschewed the use of contemporary chart toppers for the most part, in favour of shameless helpings of classic rock, heavy metal, 80′s pop and early 90′s classics. Mashups For The People is no exception in that regard.

Featuring: A-ha, The Beatles, Billy Idol, The Chemical Brothers, Dio, Duran Duran, Europe, George Michael, Herbie Hancock, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Marvin Gaye, Massive Attack, Metallica, Michael Jackson, New Order, Nirvana, Queen, Slayer, Tears For Fears, The Beatles, Tori Amos, U2 and Van Halen.

It is accomplished…

ZIP file of full album

Alternative download link (Mediafire)

*ZIP file version includes various spoken word segues between tracks. For standalone versions, see below.

01. The People

Freddie Mercury + U2

02. The Final Teen Spirit

Nirvana: Smells Like Teen Spirit + Europe: The Final Countdown

03. Lady Judas

Lady Gaga: Judas + Judas Priest: Painkiller

04. Master Of Doin’ It

Metallica: Master Of Puppets + Herbie Hancock: Doin’ It

05. Golden Teardrops

The Beatles: Golden Slumbers + Massive Attack: Teardrop

6. Blue Jump

New Order: Blue Monday + Van Halen: Jump + Madonna: Like A Virgin +
Duran Duran: Girls On Film & Planet Earth + Tears For Fears: Shout

07. The Sun Always Shines At Midnight

A-ha: The Sun Always Shines On TV + Iron Maiden: 2 Minutes To Midnight

08. I Want Precious Things

Queen: I Want It All + Tori Amos: Precious Things

09. Chemical Diver

The Chemical Brothers: Block Rockin’ Beats + Dio: Holy Diver

10. South Of The Grapevine

Slayer: South Of Heaven + Marvin Gaye: Heard It Through The Grapevine

011. Panama Beat

Van Halen: Panama + Michael Jackson: Beat It

12. Careless Rebel

George Michael: Careless Whisper + Billy Idol: Rebel Yell

13. The Seas Have No Name

Queen: Seven Seas Of Rhye + U2: Where The Streets Have No Name


55 comments on “Mashups For The People (2012)

  1. in two weeks i am the FIRST DJ (following a burlesque show that i am producing)
    and you folk have given me SO much quality KHANtent – i am hard-pressed to not
    simply play your whole damn albums intact (but) seriously – i’ll be spinning a dozen
    of your pieces and am torn between sharing these gems OR hiding this site
    for fear that EVERY Philly DJ will start ravaging this gold!
    Damn Your talents, sirs (or madames)

  2. I like to picture some kind music video in my head when I listen to ‘I want precious things’. If I ever had the time or the money I would film it.
    In it two young rebels, a boy and a girl are living in some kind of futuristic/ alternative universe world. It’s a totalitarian dystopia. They are living on the run and have procured some kind of crystalline memory drive or soul gem, the ‘precious thing’. It is this that contains Charlie Chaplin’s epic speech.
    After watching a fragment of the speech, ramshackle hideout of the two heroes is raided by sinister storm troopers; agents of the society’s tyrannical rulers who seek to retain and destroy the Soul Gem so that it’s message of hope and freedom may never be heard by the masses. The boy grabs the Gem and the two of them flee into the night, pursued by the evil blackshirts.
    After being chased across the city and battling the stormtroopers, the boy is captured, but the girl escapes. The young man is held in a detention cell and his belongings searched, they find the bag the soul gem is hidden in… but it is empty. The boy laughs through a bruised smile as the dictator snarls in frustration.
    Meanwhile, a hooded figure reaches the hideout of the main body of the resistance, she casts back her hood and is revealed the gathered rebels to be the girl, she then produces from about her person, the Soul Gem…

  3. I love the mental image of Freddie Mercury and Charlie Chaplin leading the people to freedom. It brings a tear to my eye.

  4. Amazing stuff. Please do Every Breath You Take and Billie Jean as they are the perfect match.

  5. Tom, this is just unbelievably amazing. You are a genius. I was blown away.

    I expected “pain pain, killer killer” part in the Priest Gaga mashup. It’s already so awesome though.

  6. Hey,i won’t ask you for some particular songs to mash up…but please just keep doing it….since i discover your Art, a brand new world has opened to me….songs i’ve been growing up with (i’m 41,not a proper new teen ;) refreshed by new mixing, energized, re-done in differente solutions…you got Talent ( and a Big passion and Culture in Music, this can one easily find out) Thanx cause your mashups are the most fresh Stuff i’ve heard in a while(along with Nightwish :D ) Ciao from Switzerland!!!

    ps: and when the T-shirts are available,advise me,I want one!!!

  7. Never thought I’d hear Iron Maiden vs A-ha, have to get my mate to listen to this being an Iron Maiden fan can’t wait for the reaction LOL. Keep up the great work love it :-)

  8. As an old school rocker I can only say this about you so called “mash up’s” are absalute Class keep up the good work

  9. Still on top of your game old son! Introduced to your stuff last year and never looked back. GENIUS! Love it.

  10. Great stuff! Just discovered your site and just am fixed on. Thanxx to you and the internet that brings people together despite to be on the other side of the planet (near Berlin, Germany) And congretulations to your second mashup-daughter! Hope you can translate something of one of my favorite tracks. It’s a little bit silly. The dream of anybody who wants to come to the the center of the earth (Show me the way down..) but his trip doesn’t end in the centre, it ends “down under” (near you?)
    Have a good year with great new ideas!

  11. I heard Final Teen Spirit on Youtube and followed the link…
    Looking through the track listing up there, I see Slayer + Marvin Gaye… SERIOUSLY?????????
    If it were anyone other than Wax Audio, I’d be highly doubtful about that mix, but I am SO looking forward to getting this downloaded.
    Wax Audio, you are AMAZING! Please keep up the good work!

    • I found my self here in the same way and am thoroughly grateful for it. Thanks muchly to the guy on youtube who told me this site even existed.

  12. New years eve: a dancefloor going bonkers on The Final Teen Spirit. You should have seen their faces when Kurt started to do his thing…

    Next year I will try Thunderbusters.


  13. I love this mashups. from my teeanage I imagined different combinations of hits and now I can listen to them! thank you!

  14. Scrolling through the list, I’ve just about soiled my trousers. Can’t wait to throw this to the top of my playlist. Cheers!

  15. Thank you for sharing the album. It really is amazing work.
    I’m really hooked to it!
    Keep up the good work, hope to hear more amazing tracks from you.


    The Netherlands

  16. This my favourite of your works so far, absolutely brilliant! I never thought someone could create beautiful original music without writing a single part of it

  17. I love this one….
    …..absolutely amazong…, please keep on this wonderful work for all of YOUR followers…..
    Big thanks for this…..


  18. Fantastic album as always, really would like you check out the the “Canção do mar” by Dulce Pontes & The Sunclub’s song Fiesta…I really think your the man to jam them together,just an idea…thank you for shearing magic…

  19. My favorite track by far is Golden Teardrops, though I’m a bit biased ’cause I did a little something myself years ago with the song Teardrop. Fantastic job!

  20. simply put, thank you for this. you’ve created life and turned it loose on the villagers.

  21. these really can’t be described as “mash-ups” any more, because that term really brings to mind a brutal merging of two songs that never should have joined in the first place. These have transcended that simple term, they have become unique songs in their own right that are more art than anything else. keep doing what you do YOU ROCK!

  22. I have never really like mashups that much. Now I wander around saying “Wax Audio is a wizard, a freaking wizard” and forcing all of my friends to listen to Lady Judas. Tonight I discovered Golden Teardrops and fell instantly in love with it. You are amazing.

  23. Wow! found your download site today and it is amazing! some of the best mashups i have heard are here. Thanks Wax! =)

  24. Any album that starts off with Charlie Chaplain’s speech from The Great Dictator AND Freddy Mercury’s entrance to Wembley Stadium at Live Aid is DESTINED for greatness.
    Having given it a listen shortly after you sent me the link, I must say, I am blown away. I listened to Mashopolis and The Mashening after hearing this, and I’ve got to say, this is your greatest work to date. Fantastic job!

  25. You already know my thoughts on this one mate, but THANK YOU for still living up to the moniker of the Greatest Living Masher – simply put, this is brilliant

  26. I am a big fan of your work. could not delete a single song of the previous albums. finally the wait is over. keep up the good work

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